Tobias Bussmann wrote:

> But I could put this
> snippet as a "REINDEX CONCURRENTLY" workaround into the Administrative
> Snippets category of the wiki, if there are no further objections
> about the way it works.

Sounds like a good idea.  There are further complications:

* you can't DROP indexes belonging to constraints, so this recipe
doesn't work for them.  One useful trick is to create the index first,

* For unique constraints referenced by FKs, the above doesn't work
either.  One thing you can do is create a second index and swap the
relfilenode underneath.  This is a nasty, dirty, dangerous, unsupported
trick, but it can save people's neck at times.

> I always have a bit of mixed feelings with these kind of string
> manipulations on dynamic SQL.

It may look a bit nasty, but locking tables for long periods (or being
without an important index for a period) is much worse in production

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