Hello Corey,

Changes in this patch:

- invalid boolean expression on \if or \elif is treated as if the script had a bad \command, so it either stops the script (ON_ERROR_STOP, script mode), or just gives the ParseVariableBool error and continues.

- All interactive "barks" removed except for [...]

- remaining error messages are tersed: [...]

Patch applies, make check ok, psql tap test ok.

Yep. At least the code is significantly simpler.

There is a useless space on one end of line in the perl script.

Shouldn't there be some documentation changes to reflect the behavior on errors? A precise paragraph about that would be welcome, IMHO.

In particular, I suggest that given the somehow more risky "ignore and keep going whatever" behavior after a syntax error on if in a script, there should be some advice that on_error_stop should better be activated in scripts which use \if.

Given that there is no more barking, then having some prompt indication that the code is inside a conditional branch becomes more important, so ISTM that there should be some plan to add it.


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