Robert Haas <> writes:
> OK, that's three votes in favor of removing tsearch2 (from core,
> anyone who wants it can maintain a copy elsewhere).  Starting a new
> thread to make sure we collect all the relevant votes, but I really,
> really think it's past time for this to go away.  The last actual
> change to tsearch2 which wasn't part of a wider cleanup was
> 3ca7eddbb7c4803729d385a0c9535d8a972ee03f in January 2009, so it's been
> 7 years since there's been any real work done on this -- and the
> release where we brought tsearch into core is now EOL, plus three more
> releases besides.

I'm abstaining on the actual vote, but I just wanted to note that there's
at least two layers of stub compatibility functions in core that are
there only to support tsearch2, cf commits
... and there might be more that I missed in quickly scanning the
commit log.  We should probably investigate whether those can be
gotten rid of without damaging the maintainability of the external
module.  I *think* these were only needed as short-term hacks but
don't want to say for sure because ENOCAFFEINE.

                        regards, tom lane

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