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> As discussed at the Developer meeting ~ a week ago, I've ran a number of
> benchmarks on the commit, on a small/medium-size x86 machines. I currently
> don't have access to a machine as big as used by Alexander (with 72
> physical cores), but it seems useful to verify the patch does not have
> negative impact on smaller machines.
> In particular I've ran these tests:
> * r/o pgbench
> * r/w pgbench
> * 90% reads, 10% writes
> * pgbench with skewed distribution
> * pgbench with skewed distribution and skipping

Thank you very much for your efforts!
I took a look at these tests.  One thing catch my eyes.  You warmup
database using pgbench run.  Did you consider using pg_prewarm instead?

SELECT sum(x.x) FROM (SELECT pg_prewarm(oid) AS x FROM pg_class WHERE
relkind IN ('i', 'r') ORDER BY oid) x;

In my experience pg_prewarm both takes less time and leaves less variation

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