On 2/12/17 5:06 PM, David Rowley wrote:
Yet I've worked with OLTP applications
since 2005, and I struggle to recall any many:many joins at all.

Interesting... I've run across it numerous times. In any case, for OLTP there's other things you can do fairly easily.

Perhaps this optimisation is a candidate for only being applied when
some sort of planner_strength GUC (as mentioned in FOSDEM developer
meeting in 2016) reaches some threshold. There's certainly already
some planner smarts that can be skipped when such a GUC is set to a
lower level (e.g join removal). We could likely save many cycles if we
had the ability to re-plan queries where total_cost > X with more
smarts enabled.

Yeah, I strongly suspect some kind of "multi-stage" planner would be a big win.

As for the POC, that's the same kind of plan I'm seeing IRL: a nested loop gets used essentially to do the lookup of dimension text to dimension ID.

I'm wondering if there's any tricks that could be applied on the sort since it's dealing with CTIDs.

I do think it'd be even better if we had the ability to do that lookup as part of planning, so you could discover the exact stats for the relevant ID values, but that's even more involved.
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