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> On 2/11/17 4:36 AM, Michael Banck wrote:
>> I guess you're right, I've moved it further down. There is in fact a
>> message about the xlog location (unless you switch off wal entirely),
>> but having another one right before that mentioning the completed
>> checkpoint sounds ok to me.
> 1) I don't think this should be verbose output. Having a program sit there
> "doing nothing" for no apparent reason is just horrible UI design.

That would include much of Unix then.. For example if I run "cp" on a large
file it sits around "doing nothing". Same if I do "tar". No?

> 2) I think it'd be useful to have a way to get the status of a running
> checkpoint. The checkpointer already has that info, and I think it might
> even be in shared memory already. If there was a function that reported
> checkpoint status pg_basebackup could poll that to provide users with live
> status. That should be a separate patch though.

I agree that this would definitely be useful. But it might be something
that's better exposed as a server-side view?

(and if pg_basebackup could poll it it would probably still not be included
by default -- only if -P was given).

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