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> > Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net> writes:
> >> I still think that some wording in the direction of the fact that the
> >> majority of all users won't actually have this problem is the right
> thing
> >> to do (regardless of our previous history in the area as pointed out by
> >> Craig)
> >
> > +1.  The use-a-system-user solution is the one that's in place on the
> > ground for most current PG users on affected platforms.  We should
> explain
> > that one first and make clear that platform-specific packages attempt to
> > set it up that way for you.  The RemoveIPC technique should be documented
> > as a fallback to be used if you can't/won't use a system userid.
> How about this version, which shifts the emphasis a bit, as suggested?
Looks much better.

+   <para>
+    If <productname>systemd</productname> is in use, some care must be
+    that IPC resources (shared memory and semaphores) are not prematurely
+    removed by the operating system.  This is especially of concern when
+    installing PostgreSQL from source.  Users of distribution packages of
+    PostgreSQL are less likely to be affected.
+   </para>

I would add "are less likely to be affected as the postgres user is
normally created as a system user" or something like that -- to indicate
*why* they are less likely to be affected (and it also tells people that if
they change the user, then they might become affected again).

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