On 2/13/17 9:36 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
Probably I failed to get Peter's point... Anyway IMO that we can expose all the
columns except the sensitive information (i.e., subconninfo field)
in pg_subscription to even non-superusers. Then we can use pg_subscription
for the tab-completion for ALTER/DROP SUBSCRIPTION.
To be honest, I find subconninfo quite useful to check where a
subscription is getting its changes from, so I'd rather not touch it.
It looks as well a bit overkill to just create a new view on an object
type non-superusers cannot even use... There are already 1 view and 1
system catalog related to it, so I'd be of the opinion to let it fail
silently with a permission error and keep it as an empty list for

Why not do what we do for pg_stat_activity.current_query and leave it NULL for non-SU?

Even better would be if we could simply strip out password info. Presumably we already know how to parse the contents, so I'd think that shouldn't be that difficult.
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