(I'm posting to hackers since I got no response on the general list.)

I use Postgres + PostGIS quite heavily, and recently have been taking full
advantage of the new parallelism in 9.6. I'm now running queries in a few
hours that would otherwise take more than a day.

However, parallelism is disabled for all queries that perform writes (as
documented). I would normally run "CREATE TABLE AS [some super-expensive
query]", but since that can't use parallelism I'm using the \o option in
psql, creating the table separately, and then \copy-ing in the results.
That works, but "CREATE TABLE AS" would be more convenient.

Are there plans in 10.0 to allow parallelism in queries that write, or at
least in "CREATE TABLE AS" queries? (Support in materialized views would be
great, too!)

Joshua Chamberlain

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