Peter Eisentraut wrote:

> - Naming of collations:  Are we happy with the "de%icu" naming?  I might
> have come up with that while reviewing the IPv6 zone index patch. ;-)
> An alternative might be "de$icu" for more Oracle vibe and avoiding the
> need for double quotes in some cases.  (But we have mixed-case names
> like "de_AT%icu", so further changes would be necessary to fully get rid
> of the need for quoting.)  A more radical alternative would be to
> install ICU locales in a different schema and use the search_path, or
> even have a separate search path setting for collations only.  Which
> leads to ...
> - Selecting default collation provider:  Maybe we want a setting, say in
> initdb, to determine which provider's collations get the "good" names?
> Maybe not necessary for this release, but something to think about.

I'm not sure I like "default collations" to depend on either search_path
or some hypothetical future setting.  That seems to lead to unproductive
discussions on mailing list questions,

User: hey, my sort doesn't work sanely
Pg person: okay, but what collation are you using?  Look for the collate
User: Ah, it's de_DE
Pg person: oh, okay, but is it ICU's de_DE or the libc's?
User: ...

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