When trying to build the documentation there is a minor warning:
   collateindex.pl: duplicated index entry found: MEDIAN


I've been waiting for some clarification on that before attempting
to fix this.  In any case, your proposed patch would remove the main
index entry, which doesn't seem like what we want.

Hmmm. I do not get it.

I confirm that "oldhtml" does not generate the "see also" in head, probably because the first termindex/primary is kept and overrides the second somehow, which is consistent with the warning.

However, after removing the duplicate, both "oldhtml" (openjade 1.3, issues with 1.4) and "html" (xsltproc) generate a correct "median" index with its "see also" subsection, in "bookindex.html":

  MD5, Password Authentication
  median, Aggregate Expressions
      (see also percentile)
  memory context

So this really seems ok to me... The only difference is that with the new chain the percentile is a link and there are parentheses, while with oldhtml it is just text.

Am I missing something?


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