Keith Fiske wrote:

> Was just curious if anyone was able to come up with any sort of method to
> test whether an index was corrupted by this bug, other than just waiting
> for bad query results? We've used concurrent index rebuilding quite
> extensively over the years to remove bloat from busy systems, but
> reindexing the entire database "just in case" is unrealistic in many of our
> cases.

As stated, if the CREATE INDEX operates on columns that are previously
already indexed (which is normally the case when you rebuild because of
bloat) then there is no chance of index corruption.

Scanning indexes+tables is just as load-intensive as rebuilding the
indexes anyway.  You don't save any work.  I suppose it can be a problem
if you have an index big enough that it doesn't fit on your remaining
free space (but in that case you have a pre-existing problem which you
should solve anyway).

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