Robert Haas <> writes:
> I'm thinking we should change this to look more like the
> MemoryContextAlloc interface.  Let's have DSA_ALLOC_HUGE,
> DSA_ALLOC_NO_OOM, and DSA_ALLOC_ZERO, just like the corresponding
> MCXT_* flags, and a function dsa_allocate_extended() that takes a
> flags argument.  Then, dsa_allocate(x,y) can be a macro for
> dsa_allocate_extended(x,y,0) and dsa_allocate0(x,y) can be a macro for
> dsa_allocate_extended(x,y,DSA_ALLOC_ZERO).  What this goof on my (and
> Dilip's) part illustrates to me is that having this interface behave
> significantly differently from the MemoryContextAlloc interface is
> going to cause mistakes.


                        regards, tom lane

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