I wrote:
> Thomas Munro <thomas.mu...@enterprisedb.com> writes:
>> Since commit 7c030783a5bd07cadffc2a1018bc33119a4c7505 it seems that $SUBJECT.

> Hmm ... I thought we had at least one buildfarm member still testing
> --disable-integer-datetimes.  Evidently somebody needs to close that
> gap.

The plot thickens: we *do* have one such critter, mandrill, but for some
reason it's not generating any complaint about this.  Must be a very
lax compiler.

My own compilers don't generate errors either, only warnings.  Maybe
we could catch this sort of thing mechanically with a critter configured
with -Werror as well as --disable-integer-datetimes, but I'm a tad
hesitant to have a buildfarm machine configured with -Werror.  We'd
be raising the stakes quite a bit on keeping the code warning-free
for a specific compiler that might prove to be picky in silly ways.

But if it were a pretty mainstream compiler that hadn't shown much
evidence of wanting to throw useless warnings, maybe that's fine.


                        regards, tom lane

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