I wrote:
> Right now I'd rather focus on getting to where we can have -Werror on in
> the buildfarm at all.  longfin says we've got work to do on that, at least
> in the back branches.  It may be that we can't expect near-EOL branches to
> always compile perfectly cleanly on newer compilers.

I found that longfin's compiler is happy with 9.4 and up as-is, and it
required only a few very small and safe back-patches to make 9.3 work
too.  However, it's looking like -Werror with 9.2 is a bridge too far.
The thing that seems untenable is that to make 9.2 compile clean, we would
have to back-patch commit 71450d7fd, along with a fair amount of follow-on
work, so that the compiler would understand that ereport(ERROR) doesn't
return.  I don't think we want to go that far --- and maybe introduce
portability issues for someone's ancient compiler --- for a branch that's
near EOL anyway.

I'll adjust longfin's configuration so that it only applies -Werror in
9.3 and up.

                        regards, tom lane

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