On 2/19/17 3:43 AM, Robert Haas wrote:
This is the kind of information that you really want to see once per
autovac, though, not just the most recent autovac or some kind of
cumulative total.  Knowing that I've done 301 index scans in my last
300 vacuums is not nearly as useful as knowing which autovacuum did 2
index scans and what exactly was going on with that vacuum.  So I'm
not sure including this sort of thing in the stats files would be very
useful, or at least you'd want to think carefully about how to do it.

Well, counters would be better than nothing I think, but I agree with your concern. Really, that's a problem for the entire stats system to varying degrees.

As far as bloating the stats file is concerned, the big problem there
is that our current design for the stats file requires rewriting the
entire thing any time we want to update even a single byte of data.
We could fix that by splitting up the files more so that they are
smaller and faster to rewrite, but we could also fix it by coming up
with a way of rewriting just one part of a file instead of the whole
thing, or we could think about storing it in DSM so that you don't
have to rewrite anything at all.  I think that last option is worth
some serious study now that we have DSA, but it's currently not very
high on my personal priority list.

Hmm... so basically replace the temporary file with DSM?

Something else I think would be useful is a way to subscribe to stats updates.
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