On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 10:07 PM, Michael Paquier
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> There is something that I think is still unwelcome in this patch: the
> interface in pg_hba.conf. I mentioned that in the previous thread but
> now if you want to match a user and a database with a scram password
> you need to do that with the current set of patches:
> local $dbname $user scram
> That's not really portable as SCRAM is one protocol in the SASL
> family, and even worse in our case we use SCRAM-SHA-256. I'd like to
> change pg_hba.conf to be as follows:
> local $dbname $user sasl protocol=scram_sha_256
> This is extensible for the future, and protocol is a mandatory option
> that would have now just a single value: scram_sha_256. Heikki,
> others, are you fine with that?

I have implemented that as 0009 which is attached, and need to be
applied on the rest of upthread. I am not sure if we want to make the
case where no protocol is specified map to everything. This would be a
tricky support for users in the future if new authentication
mechanisms for SASL are added in the future.

Another issue that I have is: do we really want to have
password_encryption being set to "scram" for verifiers of
SCRAM-SHA-256? I would think that scram_sha_256 makes the most sense.
Who knows, perhaps there could be in a couple of years a SHA-SHA-512..

At the same time, attached is a new version of 0008 that implements
SASLprep, I have stabilized the beast after fixing some allocation
calculations when converting the decomposed pg_wchar array back to a
utf8 string.

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