Rasmus Resen Amossen wrote:

> Does Postgres garantee repeatable-read (RR) during transactions? And
> does it implement ARIES/KVL?
> If so, why is the following possible?
> T1: begin;
> T1: select * from table;
>   (notice the row with id = X)
> T2: begin;
> T2: delete from table where id = X;
> T1: select * from table;
>   (notice the row with id = X suddenly is gone)


This should probably have been posted to the novice, sql, or general
mailing as well, BTW. But that is also mentioned in the on-line pages: ;-)


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If people in the other lists don't know the answer to a question and
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re-post that question here. You must try elsewhere first!"


Mike Mascari

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