Tom Lane wrote:
Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
When we considered outervar1 as a constant, we could do the aggregate in
the subquery using computations, but when SUM(outervar1) is computed in
an above query, combining that with anything that is part of different
query level makes no sense to me because those variables might not even
exist at the level that aggregate is being computed.

Sure they will. They can only be outer (up-level) references, else the parser would not have resolved them in the first place.

If you accept that SUM(localvar + outervar) is a sensible computation,
then I think you must accept that SUM(outervar1 + outervar2) makes sense
too.  It's actually the exact same computation, it's just being
referenced from within a sub-query.

What is SUM(up1levelvar + up2levelsvar) considered to be? Would that be the same as SUM(localvar + outervar) one level up?


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