Barry Lind wrote:
Does anyone know why apparently the 7.3beta1 version of the jdbc drivers are what is included in the 7.3.3 rpms?

No idea.

Just updated the "PostgreSQL Release Process" document though in case anyone (Marc) ever decides they're going to use it:

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Subject: Re: [JDBC] Official JDBC driver release ?
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 08:14:40 +0200
From: Thomas Kellerer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Barry Lind schrieb:

I'm a bit puzzled about the versions of the JDBC driver floating around.

I initially downloaded the release for 7.3 from

Now I have seen that the JDBC driver which is included e.g. in the RPM's for 7.3.3 is a bit older and has a different name (pg73b1jdbc3.jar vs. pg73jdbc3.jar)

The pg73b1jdbc3.jar file is very old (it is the 7.3 beta 1 version). What RPMs are you using? You should contact whoever produced those RPMs to get them built with the current version. The 'official' version is the source code that is tagged with the 7.3.3 freeze label (which is the version that is currently posted on the web site)



thanks for the answer.

The pg73b1jdbc3.jar file is contained in all the 7.3.3 rpm available on
the ftp mirrors... (ok, not necessarilly all, but I checked about 3 or 4
different mirrors)

I don't know who builds the rpms on the mirror sites available from


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