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> On Wed, Feb  1, 2017 at 10:46:45AM +0530, Pavan Deolasee wrote:
> >     > contains a WARM tuple. Alternate ideas/suggestions and review of
> the
> >     design
> >     > are welcome!
> >
> >     t_infomask2 contains one last unused bit,
> >
> >
> > Umm, WARM is using 2 unused bits from t_infomask2. You mean there is
> another
> > free bit after that too?
> We are obviously going to use several heap or item pointer bits for
> WARM, and once we do that it is going to be hard to undo that.  Pavan,
> are you saying you could do more with WARM if you had more bits?  Are we
> sure we have given you all the bits we can?  Do we want to commit to a
> lesser feature because the bits are not available?
btree implementation is complete as much as I would like (there are a few
TODOs, but no show stoppers), at least for the first release. There is a
free bit in btree index tuple header that I could use for chain conversion.
In the heap tuples, I can reuse HEAP_MOVED_OFF because that bit will only
be set along with HEAP_WARM_TUPLE bit. Since none of the upgraded clusters
can have HEAP_WARM_TUPLE bit set, I think we are safe.

WARM currently also supports hash indexes, but there is no free bit left in
hash index tuple header. I think I can work around that by using a bit from
ip_posid (not yet implemented/tested, but seems doable).

IMHO if we can do that i.e. support btree and hash indexes to start with,
we should be good to go for the first release. We can try to support other
popular index AMs in the subsequent release.


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