On Wed, Feb  1, 2017 at 10:57:01AM +1300, Craig de Stigter wrote:
> Hi list
> We attempted to pg_upgrade a database on a replication slave, and got the
> error:
>         error while creating link for relation "<schema>.<tablename>" ("/var/
>         lib/postgresql-ext/PG_9.2_201204301/19171/141610397" to "/var/lib/
>         postgresql-ext/PG_9.5_201510051/16401/9911696"): No such file or
>         directory
> The missing table turned out to be an unlogged table, and the data file for it
> was not present on the slave machine. That's reasonable. In our case we are
> able to start over from a snapshot and drop all the unlogged tables before
> trying again.
> However, this problem was not caught by the `--check` command. I'm looking at
> the source code and it appears that pg_upgrade does not attempt to verify
> relation filenodes actually exist before proceeding, whether using --check or
> not.
> Should it? I assume the reasoning is because it would take a long time and
> perhaps the benefit of doing so would be minimal?

I think pg_upgrade needs to be improved in this area, but I am not sure
how yet.  Clearly the check should detect this or the upgrade should

First, you are not using the standby upgrade instructions in step 10
here, right?


I assume you don't want this standby to rejoin the primary, you just
want to upgrade it.

Second, I thought unlogged tables had empty files on the standby, not
_missing_ files.  Is that correct?  Should pg_upgrade just allow missing
unlogged table files?  I don't see any way to detect we are running on a
standby since the server is in write mode to run pg_upgrade.

I can develop a patch once I have answers to these questions.

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