>>>>> "Srikanth" == Srikanth M <Srikanth> writes:

    Srikanth> Dear Sir I am new to postgres and dont know the excat
    Srikanth> procedure of testing my code, okay i will use elog, but
    Srikanth> please tell me the procedure of testing that.


As you're a big fan of stealing code, why don't you grep the source
for occurences of "elog(LOG" or "elog(NOTICE". 

elog(NOTICE should send NOTICE messages to the psql client (I think !)
while elog(LOG while only send it to the logfile you might have
specified while starting the postmaster 

    Srikanth> for example,pls tell what should i do after i add code,
    Srikanth> what make files should i run and where should i place
    Srikanth> the new executables.

Well you sould start out by RTFM .. read how to build postgres. I run
"make install" in my postgres directory (right above src/).


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