On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 11:53:16AM +0900, Amit Langote wrote:
> > I don't think we are doing this, but if the parent table doesn't have a
> > physical file pg_upgrade will need to be taught that.  We have that case
> > now for unlogged tables on standby servers that we need to address.
> Partitioned tables do have physical files as of now.  This thread is to
> discuss the proposal to get rid of the physical file for partitioned tables.
> By the way, I just tried pg_upgrade on top of this patch, and it seems
> partitioned tables without the physical file migrate just fine to the new
> cluster.  To test I did: created a partitioned table and few partitions,
> inserted some data into it, pg_upgraded the cluster to find the
> partitioned table intact with its data in the new cluster (to be clear,
> the data is contained in partitions).  Is there something that wouldn't
> work that I should instead be testing?
> Also, it seems that the partitioned tables (without physical files) won't
> have the same issue on the standby servers as unlogged tables.  It's just
> that we route inserts into a partitioned table to its partitions and hence
> the partitioned table itself does not contain because all the incoming
> data is routed.  Am I missing something?

I see why it works now.  pg_upgrade only upgrades relations and
materialized views:

        "  WHERE relkind IN ('r', 'm') AND "

but partitions are defined as 'P':

        #define       RELKIND_PARTITIONED_TABLE 'P'     /* partitioned table */

I am a little confused by the above.  Is a partitioned table the parent
or the children?  Reading the code it seems it is the parent, which
explains why it works.  Can I clarify that?

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