On 2017-02-28 10:41:22 -0800, Andres Freund wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2017-02-27 23:44:20 -0800, Andres Freund wrote:
> > *preliminary* patch attached. This needs a good bit of polishing
> > (primarily comment work, verifying that valgrind works), but I'm too
> > tired now.
> > 
> > I'm not quite sure how to deal with mmgr/README - it's written as kind
> > of a historical document, and the "Mechanisms to Allow Multiple Types of
> > Contexts" is already quite out of date.  I think it'd be good to rip out
> > all the historical references and just describe the current state, but
> > I'm not really enthusiastic about tackling that :/
> While still not enthusiastic, I took a stab at doing so.  While still
> not perfect, I do think this is an improvement.
> Is anybody uncomfortable going away from the current historical account
> style?

I've pushed these now.  I'm not claiming that the README revision is
perfect, but we can incremently improve it further...

- Andres, hoping the buildfarm turns greener

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