Josh Soref wrote:

>  <!--
>  2016-04-08 [848ef42bb] Add the "snapshot too old" feature
> -2016-05-06 [2cc41acd8] Fix hash index vs "snapshot too old" problemms
> +2016-05-06 [2cc41acd8] Fix hash index vs "snapshot too old" problems
>  2016-05-06 [7e3da1c47] Mitigate "snapshot too old" performance regression on 
> NU
>  2016-08-03 [3e2f3c2e4] Prevent "snapshot too old" from trying to return 
> pruned
>  2016-08-07 [9ee1cf04a] Fix TOAST access failure in RETURNING queries.

Note that these SGML comment lines are references to git commits, so the
typos are present in the commit messages.  These should not be changed.

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