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Pavel Stehule wrote:

> It is documented already
> "If the <literal>PATH</> matches an empty tag the result is an empty

Hmm, okay.  But what we have here is not an empty tag, but a tag that is
completely missing.  I don't think those two cases should be treated in
the same way ...

this information is not propagated from libxml2.

> Attached new patch
> cleaned documentation
> regress tests is more robust
> appended comment in src related to generating empty string for empty tag

Thanks, I incorporated those changes.  Here's v46.  I rewrote the
documentation, and fixed a couple of incorrectly copied&pasted comments
in the new executor code; I think that one looks good.  In the future we
could rewrite it to avoid the need for a tuplestore, but I think the
current approach is good enough for a pg10 implementation.

Barring serious problems, I intend to commit this later today.

thank you very much



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