It's great that you are interested in PostgreSQL!

I'll answer the question on the matter of GSoC project proposed by me.
I hope someone else will handle questions on your primary objective.

2017-03-03 4:15 GMT+05:00 João Miguel Afonso <joao_miguel_afo...@hotmail.com>:
> My second choice would be the "Sorting algorithms benchmark and
> implementation", that although is not directly related to my current work, I
> am more familiarised with and looks quite easier to accomplish.
> As I said, I had not enough time to explore the whole project documentation
> or source code, but I read the code of the sorting algorithm and I realised
> that it is sequential. Would a parallel implementation take some benefits
> here?

Parallel - means cool, for about 15 years already.
There is related work on parallelization of sorting by Peter Geoghegan
Sure, it is viable and important work.

At this project, I was aiming to increase the performance of qsort. In
the context of Peter Geoghegan's qsort() is used only in queries
sorting relatively small amount of data, but it is used in other
places too (and, probably, external sort involves it).
Surely, it is related and something on the matter of parallelization
can be done here.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin.

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