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>> This patch adds a GUC to put a limit to the number of segments
>> that replication slots can keep. Hitting the limit during
>> checkpoint shows a warining and the segments older than the limit
>> are removed.
>>> WARNING:  restart LSN of replication slots is ignored by checkpoint
>>> DETAIL:  Some replication slots lose required WAL segnents to continue.
> However this is dangerous as logical replication slot does not consider
> it error when too old LSN is requested so we'd continue replication,
> hiding data loss.

That skipping only happens if you request a startpoint older than
confirmed_flush_lsn . It doesn't apply to this situation.

The client cannot control where we start decoding, it's always
restart_lsn, and if we can't find a needed WAL segment we'll ERROR. So
this is safe, though the error will be something about being unable to
find a wal segment that users might not directly associate with having
set this option. It won't say "slot disabled because needed WAL has
been discarded due to [setting]" or anything.

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