We have been there, done that, and decided it was a bad idea.  I suggest
you do a little reading in the mail list archives.

I have searched the lists archives for the words "commit", "autocommit" and "transaction" but couldn't find any discussion on wheter to give a database administrator the option to turn automatic commit off was is a good idea or not (not requirering the user to enter BEGIN; to start a transaction).

Do you know the title of the thread or some more details on where to find the arguments? I look forward to read that discussion. :-)

Personally I am managing a database for approx. 500 people which are all VERY dependant on the correctnes of the database. Sometimes, when we do manually fixes in the database, it takes a series of statements before our data mangeling leaves the databases in a consistent state again. Therefor it is a quite serious problem for us if we forget the BEGIN-word (which happens quite often :-( ), so we could really use the config file option mentioned.

Regards, Rasmus

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