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> Pavel Stehule wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I used your idea about special columns when COLUMNS are not explicitly
> > defined.
> >
> > All lines that you are dislike removed.
> I just pushed XMLTABLE, after some additional changes.  Please test it
> thoroughly and report any problems.

Thank you

> I didn't add the change you proposed here to keep COLUMNS optional;
> instead, I just made COLUMNS mandatory.  I think what you propose here
> is not entirely out of the question, but you left out ruleutils.c
> support for it, so I decided to leave it aside for now so that I could
> get this patch out of my plate once and for all.  If you really want
> that feature, you can submit another patch for it and discuss with the
> RMT whether it belongs in PG10 or not.

It is interesting feature - because it replaces XPATH function, but not
important enough.

For daily work the default schema support is much more interesting.

> Some changes I made:
> * I added some pg_stat_statements support.  It works fine for simple
> tests, but deeper testing of it would be appreciated.
> * I removed the "buildercxt" memory context.  It seemed mostly
> pointless, and I was disturbed by the MemoryContextResetOnly().
> Per-value memory still uses the per-value memory context, but the rest
> of the stuff is in the per-query context, which should be pretty much
> the same.
> * Desultory stylistic changes




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