> That sounds about right.  If you're using databases of different
> encodings in the same installation, it would probably be wise to
> restrict yourself to the intersection of those encodings when choosing
> database names.

Bummer.  So there's no one encoding I can set it to :(  Actually, since the
phpPgAdmin interface only allows the creation of databases via the create
database screen, could we just always set it to the encoding of template1?

How do I get the encoding of the server?  Is that the same as the encoding
of template1?

> I agree that this isn't ideal, but I don't see any way to improve it.
> If you like, we could put in code to *enforce* a restriction to 7-bit
> ASCII in database names (and user and group names too) ... but that
> doesn't seem like a big improvement.

I would suggest force Unicode...


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