While reviewing Amit Langote's patch to handle partitioned tables
properly in various contrib modules (mostly by throwing an error since
things like pageinspect aren't going to work on the empty 'parent'
table), I went looking through contrib for other modules that do
something with relkind and noticed that postgres_fdw's IMPORT SCHEMA
would pull in the child tables (relkind = 'r') but would ignore the
parent table (relkind = 'P', or soon to be 'p', I guess).

I tend to view this as an issue which should be added to the open items
list and resolved before PG10 (though perhaps it could be done after
feature freeze), but I could see an argument that it should be just a
documented limitation of postgres_fdw and that adding such support would
be a new feature.

In any case, this seems like an issue that should be addressed one way
or the other, so I'll add it to the open items list.  I'm not planning
to work on fixing it myself, but if someone proposes a patch which looks
reasonable, I'll try to find time for it.



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