Hi, Kirill!

2017-03-06 12:41 GMT+05:00 Кирилл Бороздин <borozdin.kir...@gmail.com>:
> My name is Kirill Borozdin. I am a student of Ural Federal University from
> Yekaterinburg, Russia.
That's fine. I'm the associate professor at Ural Federal University.
But not in your institution, though.

> I understand that this task will require a big number of experiments because
> we want to achieve
> a speed-up in real life cases.
> Can you recommend me some articles or specific source files in PostgreSQL
> codebase (it is so huge!)
> which I can explore to be better prepared (in case I will be lucky enough to
> be selected for GSoC)?

Well, this project is not that specific to PostgreSQL. Everything you
need to compile and use Postgres you can find on Wiki or just ask me

For starters, I'd recommend to look up some sorting algorithms survey
papers from Google Scholar. There is a good paper by Goetz Graefe on
sorting, but it either reflects current situation that some future
algorithms :)

Something on cache-oblivious sorting and on cache

Finally, papers referenced in Wiki page about GSoC for this project
are a good starting point.

As for tests, TPC is kind of ubiquitous, We could just move standard
pg_bench script towards more sorting involved.

Best regards, Andrey Borodin.

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