> I don't think people change _that_ _many_ postgresql.conf settings, so
> reordering should be OK with them, especially if they get a clearer
> output.

Yeah.  I put in the objection because Elein already made it to me.

I also think that most people don't adjust *enough* Postgresql.conf settings, 
which is one thing I'm trying to change.

> Just to throw in a wrench, consider that SHOW ALL shows the settings in
> alphabetical order.  I think that is OK, but I thought I should mention
> it.

I think it's OK too.  Presumably, people running SHOW ALL are looking for a 
particular setting, not trying to tweak everything.

I considered simply alpha-ordering the CONF file.  However, too many options 
have a logical grouping that really need to be adjusted together and are 
spread wide apart in the alphabet (WAL_files and Checkpoint_segments, for 
example).   For that matter, I dealt with a couple of distros of SAMBA that 
decided to "simplify" smb.conf by alphabetizing the settings, and ended up 
reordering them on my own.  Bleah.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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