Hi Stephen,

On 2017/03/10 6:48, Stephen Frost wrote:
> Amit, Michael,
> * Amit Langote (langote_amit...@lab.ntt.co.jp) wrote:
>> On 2017/03/09 11:51, Michael Paquier wrote:
>>> OK, I am marking that as ready for committer.
>> Thanks.
> Thanks for this, I've pushed this now.  I do have a few notes about
> changes that I made from your patch;
> - Generally speaking, the user-facing functions come first in these .c
>   files, with a prototype at the top for the static functions defined
>   later on in the file.  I went ahead and did that for the functions you
>   added too.
> - I added more comments to the regression tests, in particular, we
>   usually comment when tests are expected to fail.
> - I added some additional regression tests to cover more cases,
>   particularly ones for things that weren't being tested at all.
> - Not the fault of your patch, but there were cases where elog() was
>   being used when it really should have been ereport(), so I changed
>   those cases to all be, hopefully, consistent throughout.

Thanks a lot for all the improvements and committing.


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