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> wrote:

> > There are several ways to cause a config file reload (pg_ctl reload,
> > pg_reload_conf, direct SIGHUP).  We could have a section in docs listing
> > them all, and then all the other places that say a reload needs to occur
> > simply refer the reader to that section.
> ​19.1.2 contains a fairly comprehensive coverage of the topic ​- but
> postgres.conf is not the only thing that gets reloaded.  Specifically,
> "Client Authentication" (chapter 20) is also affected.

I think we could split 19.1.2 in two parts, where the first one is the
current content minus the paragraph "The configuration file is reread".
We'd create "19.1.3 Configuration File Reloads" to contain that
paragraph, perhaps not with the exact current wording.

> One theory would be to consider "configuration reload" part of "18. Server
> ... Operation" and document the mechanics there with forward references to
> 19/Configuration and 20/Authentication.

Dunno.  Given that other configuration elements such as config file
placement are already in chapter 19, it seems strange to put reloading
behavior in 18.

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