On 3/10/17 15:05, Jeff Janes wrote:
> There was some recent discussion about making "make check-world"
> faster.  I'm all for that, but how about making it quieter?  On both
> machines I've run it on (CentOS6.8 and Ubuntu 16.04.2), it dumps some
> gibberish to stderr, example attached.  Which first made me wonder
> whether the test passed or failed, and then made me give up on running
> it altogether when I couldn't easily figure that out. Am I supposed to
> be seeing this?  Am I supposed to understand it?

Well, you are kind of showing it out of context.  Normally it will tell
you something at the end, and there will be an exit code.

If we show no output, then other people will complain that they can't
tell whether it's hanging.

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