2016-02-28 11:53 GMT+02:00 Simon Riggs <si...@2ndquadrant.com>:

> We have various proposals for fixing this, so on consideration here's what
> I think we should do...
> 1. Ignore my first patch to always set an xid. Andres thought that this
> may break something else could be true, so is not worth the risk.
> 2. Apply Konstantin's patch to fix this situation for the specific case
> only.
> 3. Take Andres' idea and build that in as protection. We currently check
> that nrels != 0 and throw an ERROR. We should do the same thing if there is
> an invalidation event, so that we catch errors not just ignore them and
> issue the commit anyway. This will check that there are no other cases in
> other code.

I have come across this old thread.

I think we're hitting this particular issue quite frequently when
rebuilding indexes on master after big-volume data manipulations.

We have `pgbouncer` in transaction mode for both, master and slave,
therefore it's quite typical to have sessions on slave, that
were using indexes before those we're re-created. Sad, but right now
maintenance is a big performance hit for our applications,
we have to re-connect them to start using indexes again.

Are there any chances to get fix for this issue released in 10.0 and,
perhaps, backpatched also?

Victor Yegorov

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