On 03/12/2017 08:10 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
> OK, so what about doing the following then:
> 1) Create pg_role_password_type(oid), taking a role OID in input and
> returning the type.

That version would make sense for administrative use. I still think we
might want a version of this that takes no argument, works on the
current_user, and is executable by anyone.

> 2) Extend PQencryptPassword with a method, and document. Plaintext is 
> forbidden.

Check, although if "plain" were allowed as a method for the sake of
consistency/completeness the function could just immediately return the

> 3) Extend \password in psql with a similar -method=scram|md5 argument,
> and forbid the use of "plain" format.

Not sure why we would forbid "plain" here unless we remove it entirely

> After thinking about it, extending PQencryptPassword() would lead to
> future breakage, which makes it clear to not fall into the trap of
> having password_encryption set to scram in the server's as well as in
> pg_hba.conf and PQencryptPassword() enforcing things to md5.

I'm not grokking this statement


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