On Fri, 6 Jun 2003, Tom Lane wrote:

> "Nigel J. Andrews" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Now, I did a little bit of testing and when doing a \lo_export <oid>
> > <filename> in psql connected via localhost a SIGPIPE is generated in
> > write() in libc and psql quit, without printing any message to the
> > terminal.  Perhaps interestingly
> > the file that gets written is always 65536 bytes long.
> Hm.  Are you using an SSL connection?  There are some known bugs in the
> SSL support in 7.3.1.  It's supposed to be fixed in 7.3.3, though I've
> not tried it myself.

Damn, yes I am, I noticed the notice when connecting but then didn't think
anything of it. Thanks Tom, I'll check that later when I do have time
(shouldn't have wasted the precious minutes joining the NULL != "" war).

Nigel Andrews

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