On 2017/03/15 13:38, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 3:39 AM, Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 6:24 AM, Amit Langote
>> <langote_amit...@lab.ntt.co.jp> wrote:
>>> The previous proposal was for expand_inherited_rtentry to not create RT
>>> entries and AppendRelInfo's for the non-leaf tables, but I think that
>>> doesn't work, as I tried to explain above.  We need RTEs because that
>>> seems to be the only way currently for informing the executor of the
>>> non-leaf tables. We need AppendRelInfo's to store the RT indexes of those
>>> RTEs for the latter planning steps to collect them in partitioned_rels
>>> mentioned above. So with the latest patch, we do create the RT entry and
>>> AppendRelInfo for non-leaf tables.  AppendRelInfo created in this case is
>>> a minimal one; only parent_relid and child_relid are valid.  To make the
>>> latter planning steps ignore these minimal AppendRelInfo's, every
>>> AppendRelInfo is now marked with child_relkind.  Only
>>> set_append_rel_pathlist() and inheritance_planner() process them to
>>> collect the child_relid into the partitioned_rels list to be stored in
>>> AppendPath/MergeAppendPath and ModifyTablePath, respectively.
>> I see your point, but I still think this kind of stinks.  You've got
>> all kinds of logic that is now conditional on child_is_partitioned,
>> and that seems like a recipe for bugs and future maintenance
>> difficulties.  It would be much nicer if we could come up with a
>> design that doesn't create the AppendRelInfo in the first place,
>> because then all of that stuff could just work.  Can we get away with
>> creating an RTE for each partitioned table (other than the parent,
>> perhaps; for that one it would be nice to use the inh-flagged RTE we
>> already have) but NOT creating an AppendRelInfo to go with it?  If
>> we've got the list of RTIs for the new RTEs associated with the append
>> path in some other form, can't we get by without also having an
>> AppendRelInfo to hold onto that translation?
> Will it help to retain the partition hierarchy as inheritance
> hierarchy and then collapse it while creating append paths. That will
> be needed by partition-wise join, will be helpful in partition pruning
> without using constraints and so on. So, may be could use that
> infrastructure to simplify the logic here. The patch is available as
> 0013 in [1].
> [1] cafjfprfqotrr6cm3soobhmhevdkffaz6pyyg4grzsomuw08...@mail.gmail.com

IMHO, it would be better to keep those patches separate because the
problems being solved are different.  By the way, one of the reasons that
patch (as I had written it) was skipped was because it didn't cover the
inheritance_planner() case [1].  Your patch 0013 at the link should be
updated (maybe I should report on the partitionwise joins thread as well)
in some way to handle the update/delete case, because this happens:

create table p (a int, b char) partition by list (a);
create table p1 partition of p for values in (1) partition by list (b);
create table p1a partition of p1 for values in ('a');
create table p2 partition of p for values in (2);

explain (costs off) update p set a = a, b = 'b';
            QUERY PLAN
 Update on p
   Update on p
   Update on p1 p
   Update on p2
   ->  Seq Scan on p
   ->  Result
         ->  Append
               ->  Seq Scan on p1
               ->  Seq Scan on p1a
   ->  Seq Scan on p2
(10 rows)

update p set a = a, b = 'b';
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