On Friday 28 March 2003 21:30, you wrote:
> Would someone take those patches and hunt around for proper 'configure'
> tests?  I can do the configure coding, but I don't know what tests to
> make.
>       http://services.csl.co.uk/postgresql/

I also need configure tests for thread for one of my other application and 
don't know how to put them. So I have left those as additional ldflags 
options to users.

I suggest we somehow test following config to start with

1) Linuxthreads on linux
Threads are usually installed in /usr/ So pthread.h and -lpthread should work 
on most setups.

2) Native freeBSD threads
pthread.h in /usr/include and lc_r

3)linuxthreads on freeBSD, ports collection

For testing the library, I think it is enough to init an thread attr. like 
pthread_init_attr, that should be enough to test header and library.

I don't how we are going to let people specify thread implementation where 
there are multiple thread libraries are available .e.g. freeBSD.



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