Greetings Hari Babu,

* Haribabu Kommi ( wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 6:52 AM, Stephen Frost <> wrote:
> > And, naturally, re-reading the email as it hit the list made me realize
> > that the documentation/error-message incorrectly said "3rd and 4th"
> > bytes were being set to FF and FE, when it's actually the 4th and 5th
> > byte.  The code was correct, just the documentation and the error
> > message had the wrong numbers.  The commit message is also correct.
> Thanks for the review and corrections.
> I found some small corrections.
> s/4rd/4th/g -- Type correction.
> +     Input is accepted in the following formats:
> As we are supporting many different input variants, and all combinations
> are not listed, so how about changing the above statement as below.
> "Following are the some of the input formats that are accepted:"

Good points, I incorporated them along with a bit of additional
information in the documentation as to what we do actually support.

> I didn't find any other problems during testing and review. The patch
> is fine.

Great!  I've committed this now.  If you see anything additional or
other changes which should be made, please let me know.

... and bumped catversion after (thanks for the reminder, Robert!).



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