Hello Rafia,

I was reviewing v7 of this patch, to start with I found following white
space errors when applying with git apply,
/home/edb/Desktop/patches/others/pgbench-into-7.patch:66: trailing


I do not know why "git apply" sometimes complains. All is fine for me both with "git apply" and "patch".

Last time it was because my mailer uses text/x-diff for the mime type, as define by the system in "/etc/mime.types", which some mailer then interpret as a license to change eol-style when saving, resulting in this kind of behavior. Could you tell your mailer just to save the file as is?

Apart from that, on executing SELECT 1 AS a \gset \set i debug(:a) SELECT 2
AS a \gcset SELECT 3; given in your provided script gset-1.sql. it is
giving error Invalid command \gcset.

Are you sure that you are using the compiled pgbench, not a previously installed one?

  bin/pgbench> pgbench -t 1 -f SQL/gset-1.sql
    SQL/gset-1.sql:1: invalid command in command "gset"

  bin/pgbench> ./pgbench -t 1 -f SQL/gset-1.sql
    starting vacuum...end.
    debug(script=0,command=2): int 1
    debug(script=0,command=4): int 2

Not sure what is the intention of this script anyway?

The intention is to test that gset & gcset work as expected in various settings, especially with combined queries (\;) the right result must be extracted in the sequence.

Also, instead of so many different files for error why don't you combine it into one.

Because a pgbench scripts stops on the first error, and I wanted to test what happens with several kind of errors.


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