Neil Conway wrote:

> Furthermore, IIRC PostgreSQL's relatively slow connection creation time
> has as much to do with other per-backend initialization work as it does
> with the time to actually fork() a new backend. If there is interest in
> optimizing backend startup time, my guess would be that there is plenty
> of room for improvement without requiring the replacement of processes
> with threads.

I see there is a whole TODO Chapter devoted to the topic. There is the idea
of pre-forked and persistent backends. That would be very useful in an
environment where it's quite hard to use connection pooling. We are
currently working on a mail system for a free webmail. The mda (mail
delivery agent) written in C connects to the pg database to do some queries
everytime a new mail comes in. I didn't find a solution for connection
pooling yet.

About the TODO items, apache has a nice description of their accept()

Perhaps this could be useful if someone decided to start implementing those

Michael Paesold

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