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> On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 4:19 AM, Daniel Verite <dan...@manitou-mail.org>
> wrote:
>> I mean the next iteration of the above while statement. Referring
>> to the doc, that would be the "next batch entry":
>>   " To get the result of the first batch entry the client must call
>>    PQbatchQueueProcess. It must then call PQgetResult and handle the
>>    results until PQgetResult returns null (or would return null if
>>    called). The result from the next batch entry may then be retrieved
>>    using PQbatchQueueProcess and the cycle repeated"
>> Attached is a bare-bones testcase showing the problem.
>> As it is, it works, retrieving results for three "SELECT 1"
>> in the same batch.  Now in order to use the single-row
>> fetch mode, consider adding this:
>>     r = PQsetSingleRowMode(conn);
>>     if (r!=1) {
>>       fprintf(stderr, "PQsetSingleRowMode() failed for i=%d\n", i);
>>     }
>> When inserted after the call to PQbatchQueueProcess,
>> which is what I understand you're saying works for you,
>> it fails for me when starting to get the results of the 2nd query
>> and after.
> Thanks for explaining the issue in detail and yes, I do see the issue
> using your attached test file.
> And I think the problem is with the "parseInput" call at the end of
> PQbatchQueueProcess().
> I don't see the need for "parseInput" to cover the scope of
> PQbatchQueueProcess(), also anyways we do it in PQgetResult().
> This function call changes the asyncstatus of connection to
> READY(following command complete message from backend), so eventually
> PQsetSingleRowMode() is failing. So, attached the alternative fix for this
> issue.
Please share me your thoughts.
> I would also like to hear Craig's opinion on it before applying this fix
> to the original patch, just to make sure am not missing anything here.
Attached the code patch applied with the fix explained above and moving the
CF status seeking review.

Thanks & Regards,
Fujitsu Australia.

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