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> Here's another version of 0002 after cleaning up almost everything from
> David's review.  I also added tests for ALTER STATISTICS in
> sql/alter_generic.sql which made me realize there were three crasher bug
> in here; fixed all those.  It also made me realize that psql's \d was a
> little bit too generous with dropped columns in a stats object.  That
> should all behave better now.

Thanks for fixing.

As you mentioned to me off-list about missing pg_dump support, I've gone
and implemented that in the attached patch.

I followed how pg_dump works for indexes, and
created pg_get_statisticsextdef() in ruleutils.c. I was unsure if I should
be naming this pg_get_statisticsdef() instead.

I also noticed there's no COMMENT ON support either, so I added that too.

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