On 3/13/17 11:15 AM, David Steele wrote:
> Hi Matheus,
> On 3/2/17 8:27 AM, David Steele wrote:
>> On 1/18/17 7:18 PM, Petr Jelinek wrote:
>>> The patch looks good, the only thing I am missing is tab completion
>>> support for psql.
>> It looks like this patch is still waiting on an update for tab
>> completion in psql.
>> Do you know when will have that patch ready?
> It's been a while since there was a new patch or any activity on this
> thread.
> If you need more time to produce a patch, please post an explanation for
> the delay and a schedule for the new patch.  If no patch or explanation
> is is posted by 2017-03-16 AoE I will mark this submission
> "Returned with Feedback".

I have marked this submission "Returned with Feedback".  Please feel
free to resubmit when you have a new version.


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