Hi All,

I created a "Read-only" User in PostgreSQL via a Role with "SELECT" ONLY
privilege on all tables in a schema as shown below:

GRANT SELECT ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA [schema_name] TO [role_name]
GRANT [role_name] TO [user_name]

Next, I test this by trying to UPDATE a column in a table (same schema as
above) with pgAdmin/psql and this works fine by giving a response that the
user has no permission - 'ERROR: permission denied for relation

Next, I connect with the same user in QGIS and add a layer from the same
table (same schema as above). I open the attribute table for the layer,
turn on editing mode (by clicking on the pencil-like icon), and edit the
same field/column above. To my surprise, the edit was saved successfully
without any permission error prompt.

Next, I check the value of the field/column (same table/schema as above) in
pgAdmin/psql and it is having the new (edited) value from QGIS. This is
rather strange as it seems QGIS is bypassing the permissions set for the
same user in the PostgreSQL/PostGIS database.

I will be glad if someone can help me unravel this mystery.

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